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Birth Announcement Setup Information


How to Pre-Order Birth Announcement Favors...

Simply browse our selection of birth announcement designs and select a design. Personalize the item and select the options as usual. For the pieces of information that you don't have, just enter basic label text.

For example:
Were it asks for Baby's Name, put "BABY NAME"...asks for Date, put "DATE"...asks for Time, put "TIME"...etc.  Your can also enter additional details in the "Additional Information" box.  Please let us know your approximate due date so that we can plan accordingly.  Add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout with your order.

If you want a totally custom design made, please give us a call.

Note: The shipping method that you select during this checkout process will be the shipping method that we will use when you are ready to receive your order.

We require full payment of pre-ordered birth announcements at the time of pre-ordering

After the birth of the baby...

We prefer to receive your newborn's information via e-mail to avoid mistakes. You can e-mail this information to us - please include your order number in your message.

Will I still receive a proof of my design?

Yes, we will send you a proof of your order right after we receive your pre-order. Then we will then simply insert the information you e-mail us after the birth and start printing right away.

Can I cancel my pre-order Birth Announcements?

If for any reason you no longer need your pre-ordered birth announcements we can cancel your order and refund payment, as long as the final information has not been sent to us and product produced.

If you have any questions about pre-ordering birth announcements, please feel free to contact us.