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Custom Designs

Customize your design?

Option 1:

Pick one of the designs on our web site as a start, then you can modify the design using
the "Additional Customization" box when filling out the order form.

Also, if you see a design on our website that is not on a particular product or occasion you want,
please let us know.  Any of the favor designs on our website can be used with any of our products.
The most designs are usually found in the candy bar sections.

Option 2:
Make a completely custom design from scratch, through email or giving us a call.
You can design it by yourself, or we can help you.  Specify theme, layout, 
personal message,
colors, font, graphics, 
event information, slogan, photo, company logo, etc...

Party Wraps has an extensive library of graphics.  The themes and designs shown on our website are not a representation of all that Party Wraps can do.

If you need help with either option above, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  1-866-277-WRAP (9727)

Your imagination and our quality product will impress!

Custom designs are NO EXTRA CHARGE