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Photo design

Adding a photo to a design?

Providing us with your photo(s)
The better quality photo you provide, the better your design will look.

The information listed below is intended to help you send us the best photo possible for optimum print quality. Please note we use a high quality color laser printer to ensure your photo comes out crisp every time. 

  • Print quality will depend on the picture quality as it is received.
  • Make sure that the photos you send to us are clear.
  • We can but cannot make clear pictures from blurry ones!
  • Yes, we can do some minor touch up work if necessary.

Comments regarding your photo/image may be entered in the additional customization section of the order form.

Mailing photos:

You can send us color or B+W photo(s), any size up to 8 X 10 (All photos are returned with your order in their original condition.) Be sure to protect your photo with cardboard or a photo mailer. You may also drop off your photo if you are local. It is important that you mail an original, not a fax, copy or reprinted image.  Please do not cut the picture in any manner.

Your photo will be handled with care and returned to you unharmed. If your photo contains more than one person, please indicate the honored person(s). If you are undecided as to which photo would work best, you are welcome to send us more than one photo. We cannot be responsible for copyright images that are not indicated. It's your responsibility to make sure you have permission from the photographer to use his photo.

Uploading photos:
If you already have a digital image (from digital camera or scanned image)

We will email you a link to upload your photo(s).  It will be in your order confirmation email that you will receive once an order is placed.

Acceptable digital file formats are JPEG, BMP and TIFF.  The quality of the final product will depend on the quality of the photo or digital image.  Photo's that are download from the web (example: Facebook), are usually low quality images and do not produce good results when printed.

We recommend not editing the photograph prior to sending it to us. We prefer uncropped photographs with background area surrounding the person(s).

Very Important: If you are emailing a photo/image to us, some email programs will ask if you want to resize before sending. Make sure you always select not to resize. When it reduces the size for emailing, it also reduces the quality of the image.

Tips for scanning an image to be uploaded.
Scan your photograph at the highest resolution possible.  Our printer is capable of printing up to 1200 dpi. Please make sure that it is scanned at least 300 dpi and above.

Save your photo as JPEG and TIFF.  Do not crop your picture, we will crop for best results.  If for any reason you need help, please feel free to call us and we can talk you through the scanning process.

If you are unsure about the scanning of the photo, just mail it to us. There is no extra charge for us to scan it.