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Communion Favors - 10% OFF

Party Wraps will give you 10% off your First Holy Communion Party order, when placed at least 1 month before your Communion Party date.

Once your order is placed, Party Wraps will review your order and apply the 10% discount if the order was placed
1 months or more from the Communion party date. Your order can be shipped out when the order process is finished, or closer to your Communion's your choice.

Choose one or more of our personalized Communion products:
Candy Bar favors, Tic Tac favors, Popcorn favors, Lollipop favors, Bookmarker favors, Bubble Bottle favors, Bubble Gum Tape favors, Peel & Stick Label favors, Goodie Bag Top favors, M&M Tube favors, Miniature Candy Bar favors, Coffee favors, Tea Bag favors, Hot Chocolate favors, Cappuccino favors, Trail Mix favors, Water Bottle Label favors.

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call. 1-866-277-WRAP (9727)