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Design Information
Personalizing my order
We have worked to make personalizing your product as easy as possible. Based on the design you have selected, you can customize the personal message, colors, font, and graphics.

Pick one of the designs on our web site as a start, and then you can modify the design using the "Additional Customization" box when filling out the order form.
Can I have a custom design made?

Yes, we will gladly work with you to customize a design with any graphics, colors or theme.
Custom designs are NO EXTRA CHARGE.
Can any design on the website be used with any product?

Yes, any of the favor designs on our website can be used with any of our products.
What if I want to add a photo on my design?
Yes, you can add a photo to any of our designs. Even if the design of your choice is not a "Photo Design", you can make a customized design with a photo.  Once your order is placed, we will email you a link to upload your photo to us.

What if I want to add a company logo on my design?
Yes, you can add a company logo to your design.

What about colors?
  Party Wraps can incorporate any color you desire.  Almost every part of the design has the ability to utilize custom colors.  Itís important to understand that some colors cannot be matched perfectly.
Can you match my party colors exactly?
We can match your party colors to your favors if you mail us a sample of your invitation, ribbon, fabric swatch, etc.  Every monitor and printer will produce different colors so mail us your sample color for best color matching results.  We will try to match your color as close as possible.  There is no charge for this color match service.

Design Approval
Reviewing your design is your opportunity to check for typos, grammatical errors and missing content. Please review and check the proof carefully. Following your approval of the proof we will begin to print and package your order.