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Kit Kat candy bar wrapper favors

Personalized Kit Kat Candy Bar Wrapper Favors

Our personalized Kit Kat candy bar wrapper favors are guaranteed to make your next special event sweeter! Personalized Kit Kat candy bar wrappers can turn an ordinary chocolate Kit Kat candy bar into a creative party favor or a unique promotional gift!

We have a large selection of candy bar wrapper designs and can customize a design from scratch for no extra cost. Whether you are shopping for Birthday candy bar wrapper favors, Wedding candy bar wrappers, Communion candy bar wrappers, customized corporate trade show promotional candy bar wrappers, etc...

Besides our Kit Kat candy bars, you can choose Hershey milk chocolate candy bars, Hershey dark chocolate candy bars, Nestles Crunch candy bars, or miniature candy bars.

$1.95 ea. ($1.15 ea. for "wrappers only" with foil)
Personalized Kit Kat Candy Bars:
A minimum purchase of (25) is required for this product.

Volume Pricing
$0.05 ea.
201-300 $0.10 ea. $1.85
301 + $0.15 ea. $1.80

1.5 ounce Hershey Kit Kat Chocolate Bar

Our personalized candy bars are either fully assembled for your convenience, or you can order "Wrappers Only"

You can save a little money on the product and shipping cost by taking advantage of our money saving "Wrappers Only". We will supply you with the personalized wrapper favors, foil sheets, easy-to-follow wrapping instructions, and a free glue supply the chocolate bars.

Party Wraps recommends "Wrappers Only" in the summer months and in warm weather climates.

Party Wraps has no affiliation with Nestle or Hershey foods Corporation, its divisions or subsidiaries. Party Wraps does not interfere with the manufactures original wrappings, we simply design and apply overwraps. Party Wraps is in no way responsible for allergy reactions and/or contaminants to any products. Please refer to the manufactures ORIGINAL wrapper for nutritional/ingredients information.

Click on an occasion below,
to see our Kit Kat Bar product designs and place an order.

Personalized Anniversary Kit Kat Candy Bars Personalized Baby Shower Kit Kat Candy Bars Personalized Birth Announcement Kit Kat Bars
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Personalized Bridal Shower Kit Kat Candy Bars Personalized Engagement Kit Kat Candy Bars Personalized Graduation Kit Kat Candy Bars
Personalized Religious-Christening Kit Kat Bars Personalized Religious-Communion Kit Kat Bars Personalized Religious-Confirmation Kit Kat Bars
Personalized Retirement Kit Kat Candy Bars Personalized Wedding Kit Kat Candy Bars

If you don't see an occasion or a design you want, contact us and we would be happy
to create a custom design for you, at NO EXTRA CHARGE.